Dr. Aditi Borkar

My focus lies on understanding the molecular physiology of diseases and the development of novel therapeutic techniques, particularly for HIV. I currently employ experimental and theoretical biophysics to study the structures, movements and interactions of RNA and protein complexes involved in HIV-human interaction. 


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I now have a fully funded PhD position open for the September 2020 entry. We will use an integrated structural biology approach (including X-ray crystallography, cryo-Electron Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics computer simulations) to investigate the regulation of translation of HIV mRNA by human proteins. The project is a joint venture between researchers at University of Nottingham and Research Complex at Harwell (near Oxford) and is further supported by our collaborators in France and USA. Between these institutions, we will provide a highly dynamic, intellectually stimulating and resourceful research environment and look forward to train a highly motivated doctoral student in state-of-art multidisciplinary techniques.


Deadline for applications (https://more.bham.ac.uk/mrc-impact/phd-opportunities/) is 17th January 2020 and is open to UK and EU nationals


I would love to hear back from interested students and work with them on the application. Please get in touch at aditi.borkar@nottingham.ac.uk 

Prospective international students and postdoctoral researchers looking to develop applications for scholarships and Fellowships, are encouraged to get in touch.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,

University of Nottingham, UK

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